The principal objectives of the Virginia Lions Hearing foundation are:

To initiate and support hearing research on deafness and hearing problems in all age groups.

Basic Science Research: Ototoxicity (drug damage); Noise Damage; Electrical Stimulation of Auditory Nerves; Regeneration of Hair Cells.

Clinical Research: Study of temporal bone anatomy and testing of new surgical procedures and/or implantable devices concerned with ear diseases and hearing disorders.

To support the Cochlear Implant Program, for the rehabilitation of profound deafness in children and adults.

To conduct diagnostic clinical examinations, which may result in surgery (e.g. cochlear implant) or other rehabilitative processes (e.g.. hearing aids) to restore partial or complete hearing to individuals.

To conduct informational programs to educate the public on hearing disorders and to encourage hearing protection.

To initiate educational programs for practicing ear surgeons on the latest surgical techniques to better care for hearing impaired individuals throughout Virginia and beyond.